Our founder Celal Okutan, has actively taken part in activates of many civil associations operating in the building sector. He has been the founding president of the Turkish Association of HVAC Engineers (TTMD) in 1992, and since then he is the honorary president. Celal Okutan has also been the general secretary for Turkish Association of Consulting Architects and Engineers which promotes the development of project management and consulting services as per FIDIC principles in the country, in 1990 and 1994 periods. He represented TTMD in various international meeting with ASHRAE and REHVA: He has completed over 100 technical presentations in numerous international congresses, symposium and seminars. He currently writes monthly for Tesisat Dersisi journal and the number of his published technical articles has exceeded 400. He has written six books, namely ‘Mechanical Protectors’ – 1963, ‘Worker Safety in Construction Sector’- 1963, ‘Worker Safety in Textile Sector’-1965, ‘Safety in Workplace and Related Problems’-1966 and ‘Knowing Why and How in Building Technology’. He has participated in more than 70 architectural juries.

Our director Mehmet Okutan, has completed his graduate studies on building ecological systems and HVAC systems in office buildings at MIT. He has technical papers on displacement ventilation, museum HVAC systems and education presented and published in various international conferences in Turkey and abroad. In the research for these papers, he has worked with leading international experts such as Prof. Sadik Kakac of Miami University, Prof. Leon Glicksman of MIT and Prof. James Axley of Yale University. Currently, Mehmet Okutan is a part time instructor at Middle East Technical University and Atılım University. He periodically writes in various journals on ecological design and energy efficiency, and he participates in juries as consultant.